MSDF itself clarifies its principle that it is a common home for the children who are the victim of poverty, natural clarities, internal or external conflict, fatal diseases, etc. It is a social organization which has been registered  in the District administrative office and social welfare council, Nepal. It supports to the children who are homeless and have lost their parents. It especially focuses to the orphans and neglected children's throughout the country.

Nepal is a small mountainous country, lies between two enormous countries, India and China. It is one of the poorest countries in the Asia continent. Most of the people are directly or indirectly involved in agriculture for their livelihood. More than 30% people are under the line of poverty. More children in Nepal are uncared, ill-treated, tortured and passing their life painfully because of Poverty, Natural calamities, fatal diseases, Loss of parents and much more. They are not getting the opportunities to uplift their future. They are being a parted from education, health care. Love and affection, and the child rights is which are the most important prerequisites for their better future.

So, its main motto is "Assist the children who are in Risks." Or "Let's assist together forever." The chief objective of MSDF is to make the Destitute children competent who can settle in the society. Easily managing education, health, food, accommodation and other required means to uplift their livelihood and future carrier. In order to approach this objective, it is indispensable to accomplish food, Shelter, education together with other necessary interms for them. As a pond is formed or constituted bya a single and single drops of water. If a kind hearted person, well-wishers or social workers help economically or by any way according to their liking and capability, it will be uncomplicated to compass into its destiation.

We, the members of this social organization realize to establish this organization because we couldn't control our heart finding the children in risk and trouble. We have been involving in the field of education since long. In the present situation in our won small and inferior striving, We have been providing education for 30 students who have come from various parts of our country who are poor, had not parents, are deprived of getting education. It is being very difficult to fulfill the objective of this organization only form our efforts. If we gain your small help, this institution manage education as well as lodging fooding and other many essential things for the helpless and orphan children. We can be successful to make, them capable and successful citizen, this institution always appreciates your kind co-operation. You can help them in your direct observation and arrival to Nepal. This organization heartily welcomes to the volunteers to assist the children. 
"In your small aid, a destitute can gain bright and beautiful future.

Mahan Siddhartha Destitute Foundation, Nepal (MSDFNepal)