It is no mystery that safe environment and appropriate opportunity alone can bring a positive difference into a child's life. However, there are many children in the world who are deprived even of their basic needs (i.e. food, shelter, education, drinking water!). Mahan Siddhartha Destitute Foundation of Nepal (MSDFN) is a non-profit organization that stemmed from Mahan Siddhartha High School (MSS) in an effort to provide free shelter and education to children of Nepal at risk of such adversities.

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Mahan Siddhartha High School located in Kumarigal-7, Kathmandu, Nepal has provided free education and/or shelter to over 225 such children from kindergarten up to high school level over the course of 20 years without much external financial help. Recently, with the advice of local and international intellectuals and well-wishers, the school has established the MSDFN to expand its service to more such children. However, the funding source to support MSDFN has not been stable and, like many charity organizations, continues to struggle. 

Therefore, this fundraising event is our effort to build a "Trust Fund" with a long-term goal to depositing the fund as a seed money and using the collected interest to cover expenses to support the children of MSDFN. It costs the organization $18-$50/month (Rupees 1800 - 5000) to support each of these children depending on their circumstances and ages. We humbly request you to help us help these children by donating any amount, even a dollar, if you can so that such children can have a shelter and finish their high school education in a safe environment. If financial input is not possible, you can still help by spreading the word around among your contacts.

Your generosity will be greatly appreicated. You can choose to stay anonymous if you prefer so. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the credibility of this organization. Please, contact us via msdfn website listed above if you have inquiries.

Thank you!

MSDFN Family
Kathmandu, Nepal