MSDF NEPAL Education-After Earthquake2015 for Orphans. Fund Raising Program in Qatar.

MSDF itself clarifies its principle that it is a common home for the children who are the victim of poverty, natural disaster, internal or external conflict, fatal diseases, etc. It is a social organization which has been registered in the District administrative office and social welfare council, Nepal. It supports to the children who are homeless and have lost their parents. It especially focuses to the orphans and neglected children throughout the country. 
 MSDF has already provided free shelter and education for more than 30 orphans in Kathmandu.

Education-After Earthquake2015 for Orphans

Education after earthquake for Orphans is a program organized by MSDF (Mahan Siddhartha Destitute Foundation Nepal)  

The strongest earthquake to hit Nepal 
On the 25th of April, a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal. Thousands of Nepalese have fled 
From their homes and thousand of buildings have collapsed Hundred of children became orphans. The death toll is over 8,000 and counting.

We are ready to give shelter and education who are homeless and have lost their parents.

Fund Raising Program in Qatar.

MSDF is hosting an event which is totally different than other. We have the following Guest from Nepal. 
1.    Dr. Yogi Bikashanand (Philosopher)
2.    Mr. Sandip Chhetri (Artist/Speaker/Comedian)

Dr. Yogi Bikashanad Speaker, Motivator will give us class about how to become inner Happy and How to become success.
Mr. Sandeep chhetri will try to give us smile in our face after this big shock of earthquake. This is time to forget the pain and start to rebuild the nation.
Date of Program: 12th June 2015 Friday 
Venue: Quality Hypermarket Party Hall Salwa Road 

 MSDF Nepal 

Bhanubhakta Dahal [Board Member] – 77629123
S.K. Bhattarai [Board Member] -            70562233
Sushil Khadka[Board Member]-             70791244

Below is the Detail Concerning the Sponsorship:
Types of Sponsorship:
Gold Sponsor QR 20000  
Silver Sponsor- QR 10000
Bronze Sponsor- QR 5000
Total Audience- 700 in 2 shift Program 

Benefits for Sponsors:
Banner Display in the venue 
Logo Display in Tickets
Media Coverage in Nepali News paper and online news 
Letter of Appreciation from MSDF Nepal
Welcome Nepal to visit our Social Organization and short term involvement in our activities.